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Bell Pepper Jack O’Lanterns with Vegetables and Dip

YieldsServes 6--as an appetizerTotal Time10 mins

Give your Halloween party some personality with these carved edible “bowls.” Make them as goofy or as scary as you like, depending on your mood! Not only do these jack o’lantern snacks add a festive touch, they will make sure kids and adults alike will continue to snack on vegetables in between bites of Halloween candy. This healthy Halloween snack is a must. 

 1 large, flat-bottomed orange bell pepper
 2 large, flat-bottomed yellow bell peppers
  About 1 cup of your favorite dip, preferably thick, creamy, and light in color
  Assorted raw vegetables (such as carrots, cucumbers, sturdy lettuces, fennel, and celery), cut into thin spears
Step 1

Core peppers with a sharp paring knife and pull out stems and ribs. Use a soup spoon to carefully scoop out remaining ribs and seeds.

Step 2

Spoon dip into orange pepper, arrange vegetables in the yellow peppers, and arrange together on a platter.

Nutrition Facts

Servings Serves 6--as an appetizer