How to Arrange Flowers in a Wide-Mouthed Vase

Stumped by the challenge of keeping an arrangement in place in a wide-mouthed vase? This ingenious hack makes the process a cinch


One of the keys to an appealing floral arrangement is placing flowers at a variety of angles and heights. Gravity pulls your stems down, which makes it difficult to arrang blooms skyward in a wide-mouthed vase. The solution? This amazing chicken wire hack. Using pruners or wire cutters, cut a piece of the wire larger than your vessel’s base. Crumple or fold it carefully into a ball and set it inside your vase, below the rim. When arranging flowers and foliage, start with thicker foliage branches and then scatter your colorful blooms and accent foliage. Don’t be afraid to layer textures and colors for visual interest.

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