Step-by-step: The easiest DIY holiday wreath

Create this bold wreath in 5 simple steps

Lauren Dunec Hoang
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Not your typical wreath

Instead of using conifer branches, Rhiannon Smith—lead floral designer for —selected ingredients with a distinctly Western flair. Delicate green olive leaves, silver eucalyptus pods, aromatic rosemary, and bright red-orange bittersweet berries give a fresh look to a traditional holiday favorite.

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Foliage and berries

Rhiannon selected a palette of grey-green olive leaves, silver eucalyptus pods, aromatic rosemary, and bright red-orange bittersweet berries. For simplicity, she only included olive leaves, rosemary, and bittersweet in the final wreath. Add the eucalyptus pods and seeded eucalyptus if you’d like more silver accents.

From left to right:

  • Bittersweet berries
  • Silver bell eucalyptus pods
  • Rosemary
  • Olive foliage
  • Seeded eucalyptus
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Other materials

You will also need the following materials to construct the wreath:

  • Wreath frame
  • Loose 22-guage wire
  • Paddle wire
  • Shears
  • Wire clippers
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Create foliage bundles

Cut the branches into pieces about 3 to 4 inches long. Create two types of bundles: all foliage (olive and rosemary) and those with foliage plus accents (bittersweet berries and/or eucalyptus). Assemble each bundle with 4 or 5 small branches.

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Wrap each bundle with wire

Secure each bundle by wrapping the base with paddle wire. You will need between 15 to 20 bundles to completely cover the wreath frame.

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Attach foliage

Start with an all-foliage bundle and attach it to the wreath frame by wrapping the paddle wire three times around the base. Do not cut your paddle wire until you are completely finished with your wreath.

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Continue layering

Repeat this process by laying another bundle on top of the first bundle and wiring it in place. Alternate between all foliage bundles and those with foliage and colorful accents. Lay all bundles in the same direction and evenly spaced for a seamless look. Continue adding a bundle and wiring around the base three times, until the entire wreath frame is covered.

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Finish the wreath

After you finish attaching the last bundle, wrap the paddle wire around two extra times, tuck it around the wreath frame, and cut it with the wire clippers. Spread out the foliage of the first bundle to cover any exposed wire.

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Ready to hang

To keep your wreath looking fresh, choose a cool spot out of direct sunlight. If you’ve selected a place indoors, be sure that it’s away from heat sources. Mist the foliage every few days.

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