How to Create a Tabletop Chevron Pattern

Use these step-by-step instructions (and a free download) to design a stunning hallway console

Jess Chamberlain
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Print our chevron pattern

Download: Chevron pattern (PDF)

Full story: I found it in my garage!

1. Print our chevron pattern and make enough copies so that the pattern fits across your tabletops (you’ll have multiple pages to tape together).

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Secure your pattern

2. With your tables side by side, lay your pattern across the tabletops, securing it with a little painter’s tape on each side.

3. Use pushpins to lightly prick the points of each zigzag (through the paper and into the wood surface).

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Use painter's tape

4. Remove the pins and the paper.

5. Use 2-in. painter’s tape to fill in the 2-in. sections. Make sure the edges are smooth and flat.

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Get out the paint

6. Paint the exposed areas with two coats of accent paint, letting it dry between coats.

7. Once completely dry, remove tape. Touch up paint with a small paintbrush.

*To create a precise pattern, follow our directions, but you can achieve a similar look by creating a zigzag pattern with 1- and 2-in. painter’s tape, alternating widths side by side continuously across both tabletops, then taking off the 1-in. tape strips and applying accent paint (two coats) to the exposed space. Painter’s tape comes in several widths (1 in., 1 ½ in., 2 in., etc.), so you can vary your design as you like.


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