7 Smart Ideas for Kitchen Countertop Storage

Get your kitchen in order with these containers for spices, utensils, coffee pods, and more

Joanna Linberg
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Copper canisters

  • From $49.95; .

Ease into the latest metallic trend with recycled copper containers. The four sizes (each sold separately) add panache to a kitchen, but more importantly, keep dry goods fresh with an airtight silicone seal.

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Stoneware jars

  • $29.50 each; .

Flour and sugar would do well in these air-tight ceramic jars—as would cookies. But these vessels are pretty enough to live outside the kitchen, too. Stow the lid and use them as vases, or place them on a shelf as a pretty accent.

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Knife organizer

  • $180; .

No more fumbling to match the knife to its corresponding slot in a wood block. This stainless steel carousel is designed so every blade fits in each spot—they rest on the handle and hang down, secured by magnets.

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  • $39.99; .

Even if it didn’t keep bread fresh for days, the retro styling is reason enough to keep this powder-coated steel bin on the counter. It measures 16.5 inches by 9 inches.

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Window canisters

  • $39.99/set of three; .

Never run out of chocolate chips again. The windows in these stainless steel canisters let you know when you’re running low of your favorite pantry goods.

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Coffee pod carousel

  • $30; .

Bleary mornings just got easier: This handsome dispenser holds 20 coffee pods (from any of Keurig’s systems) in four columns—and swivels so it’s easy to find your favorite flavor.

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Utensil holder

  • $120; .

Keep your MVP spoons and spatulas right at your fingertips with this wide-mouth vessel. The hammered copper is a smart addition to both traditional and industrial-style kitchens.