8 Thoughtful Gifts for Teachers

Show your appreciation for all the hard work your child’s teachers do with these unique holiday gifts

Jessica Mordo
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Magnetic chalkboard

  • LUNS magnetic board, $14.99;

You can write on this magnetic board with chalk, making it a compact yet versatile display area for the classroom. It also houses storage space for keys and papers.

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Eraser pencil stands

  • Eraser Pencil Stands, $12;

A chic desktop addition for those who appreciate good design and a decluttered work space.

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  • 2019 Blush Agenda, $30;
A stylish, cloth-covered planner for keeping a busy schedule well organized.
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Art wall calendar

  • Art Every Day Wall Calendar, $32;
Perfect for the art teacher or creative cat, this calendar can be converted to wall art after each month is through by simply cutting away the dates.
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Honey sticks

  • Bee Local Honey Sticks, $5;

These pick-me-up, American wildflower honey sticks are little bursts of sweetness in a cup of tea. Sore throats won't stand a chance.

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Standing pen

  • Standing Pen, $15;

Pair that standing (or regular) desk with something equally intriguing: a geometrically-shaped standing pen that brings vibrancy back to handwriting.

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  • A Colorful Life Journal, $16.95;

A new year, a new journal. With thick paper, hand-painted phrases, and watercolor lushness, this is a dreamy outlet for a creative doodler.

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Garden-scented candle

  • Garden Hause candle, $34;

Bring the garden indoors with this hand-poured coconut wax candle that smells of white rose, bergamot, cassis, and black pepper.


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