10 Chic Holiday Door Decorations

Dress up your door for the holiday season and spread neighborly cheer with these effortlessly stylish and festive decorations

Alejandra Bennett
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Winter Wonderland

  • , from $98

Greet guests at your doorstep with the scents and beauty of winter foliage. Available in two sizes, this robust wreath features pinecones, preserved cedar, echinops, and white scinuata.

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Knock, Knock!

  • , $38

What better way for guests to announce their arrival this holiday season than with a whimsical, antique-inspired doorknocker? Choose from three styles: rabbit, lion, or deer.

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Star Light, Star Bright

  • , from $22

This two-pack of moldable, twinkling copper wire lights will add a joyful glow to any entrance. Not only are they waterproof, but also the battery pack comes with a 6-hour self-timer, so they’ll shut down automatically at the end of the evening.

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Christmas Berries

  • , $73

This beautiful 60-inch hanging garland of faux red berries will stay fresh and add a burst of color to your doorway for the entire holiday season.

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Under the Mistletoe

  • , $53

Bring some personalization to your holiday door décor. This faux mistletoe wreath with a silver sparkle finish and cherry wood center can be customized with any phrase of your choosing.

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Season of Love

  • , $39

Handcrafted in Nepal as part of an effort to help the Nepalese continue to rebuild their homes after the 2015 earthquake, this blush and white hand-felted wool wreath is a great way to give back this holiday season.

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Frond’s Forever

  • , $28

An iron frond with a vintage patina can jazz up any holiday décor—especially tucked among the leaves of a festive holiday wreath or simply hanging from your door knocker.

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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

  • , $19

Deck out your doorway with this cardboard and glitter constellation garland that will add a touch of out-of-this-world flair this holiday season.

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Sleigh Bells Ring

  • , $80

This beautifully crafted burgundy leather and brass bell door decoration elicits the sound of holiday cheer every time your front door opens. With a 2 ½-inch chrome “O” ring, the strap fits comfortably over a doorknob or easily hangs from a nail.

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Deck the Halls

  • , $250

In partnership with Monterey, CA-based Creekside Farm, keep the holiday door décor going strong year round with this annual seasonal wreath subscription. Start with the winter season’s bountiful Holiday Citrus Wreath featuring bright crystalline lemon and orange slices.