16 Best Morning Bun & Coffee Cake Recipes

Cinnamon rolls, coffee cakes, hot cross buns, and more! (Did we mention the doughnuts?)

Elaine Johnson
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Chocolate Apricot Wreath

Imagine an extravagant cinnamon roll twisted into a ring, and you’ve got the idea here. The filling riffs on a recipe in Plum Gorgeous (Andrews McMeel, 2011; $25).

Recipe: Chocolate Apricot Wreath

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Upside-Down Sour Cream Coffee Cake with Sherry-Roasted Pears

This old-fashioned, moist cake, jazzed up with vanilla bean and roasted pears, takes on even more flavor if you start the pears a day ahead so they can steep in their syrup.

Recipe: Upside-Down Sour Cream Coffee Cake with Sherry-Roasted Pears

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Blueberry-Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Crunchy almonds and a gooey berry filling top a buttery but not too decadent cake.

Recipe: Blueberry-Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

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Brown Sugar-Banana Coffee Cakes

Each person gets a mini cake, made in jumbo or regular muffin pans.

Recipe: Brown Sugar-Banana Coffee Cakes

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Giant Cinnamon Rolls

Roll up a swirl of cinnamon-sugar into the dough, then top the warm rolls with cinnamon butter.

Recipe: Giant Cinnamon Rolls

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Apple-Pecan Breakfast Buns

The fruit and nuts bake underneath these cinnamon rolls, then you flip the warm buns over like an upside-down cake.

Recipe: Apple-Pecan Breakfast Buns

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Cardamom Rolls

For a change of pace from the usual cinnamon, try rolls made with freshly ground cardamom.

Recipe: Cardamom Rolls

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Coconut-milk Pudding Rolls

Try serving these tropical rolls with fruit salad for brunch.

Recipe: Coconut-milk Pudding Rolls

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Banana Almond Cake

Sprinkle a layer of spiced streusel inside the cake and on top.

Recipe: Banana Almond Cake

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Orange Hot Cross Buns

Our favorite version of the classic Easter recipe has fresh and candied orange as well as sweet spices in the dough, plus two kinds of fresh citrus juice in the icing.

Recipe: Orange Hot Cross Buns

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Greek Easter Bread (Lambropsomo)

Colorful hard-cooked eggs and a sprinkling of sesame seeds decorate the buttery, egg-rich dough.

Recipe: Greek Easter Bread (Lambropsomo)

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Blueberry Rosemary Focaccia

This savory bread relies on peak-season blueberries for a touch of sweetness.

Recipe: Blueberry Rosemary Focaccia

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Almond and Jam Pastries

When you’re short on time, make pastries the easy way by spreading thick slices of brioche or challah with your favorite jam and a crunchy nut topping.

Recipe: Almond and Jam Pastries

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Rich Refrigerator Doughnuts

Even if you’ve never made doughnuts, the detailed directions on this recipe will lead you to success.

Recipe: Rich Refrigerator Doughnuts

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Marionberry Jam Doughnuts (Sufganiyot)

Portland chef Jenn Louis of Lincoln and Sunshine Tavern serves her sweetly spiced doughnuts at Hanukkah, but we think they deserve to be a year-round treat.

Recipe: Marionberry Jam Doughnuts (Sufganiyot)

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Glazed Cider Doughnuts

Concentrated cider made from fresh, unfiltered juice, flavors both the dough and the glaze.

Recipe: Glazed Cider Doughnuts


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